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Patient Resources

These information sheets have been produced to try and help you better understand your orthopaedic condition and the alternative treatment options available to you. A significant amount of information is often given to you at your clinic consultation and often this can feel a bit over whelming. It is important for you to understand this information away from the clinic environment, and so help inform your decision making.


Some of the information given here may deviate slightly from the care received, but we have found these leaflets to be helpful. It is also very important that you ask any questions that you may have and it is often helpful to write these questions down before your clinic appointment.

If you do elect to undergo surgical treatment, you will be seen in the pre-assessment clinic prior to surgery. Occasionally further investigations may be required prior to proceeding and this may delay the date of your operation. As part of the consent process details of the operation and the risks involved will be discussed with you in clinic and again on the day of surgery.  In order to help monitor your response to treatment patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) will be utilised when possible.

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